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Does a Smart Thermostat Save Money?

The amount an individual household saves can vary quite a bit depending on your existing situation and thermostat habits. How Does A Smart Thermostat Save You Money? A smart thermostat isn’t some mystical device that changes the laws of physics in order to use less energy. The only way to spend less is to heat […]

Pre-Holiday Maintenance

The holidays may be the worst time to have to deal with a home maintenance issue.  With a little planning and the right information, you can be sure to have your home in tip-top shape for all your gatherings! Let’s start with the basics – Heating Systems:  Make it a annual task to have your […]

Holiday Light Displays and Energy Costs

The holiday season has arrived and for most, that comes with some decor changes and outdoor lighting.  The U.S. uses more electricity in the month of December than some countries use in an entire year!  But how much is that light display really costing you?  The folks at HomeAdvisor have a detailed plan to help you […]