Maintain Your Whole House Fan

Whole house fans move a lot of air fast and as with any fan, that means a lot of dust. Cleaning your whole house fan regularly will extend its life and ensure that your fan stays in good working order longer.

Dusting Your Fan

By simply dusting your fan off once a season you will extend the life of the fan’s motor. The dust accumulates on the fan blades, the motor and all its other surfaces. When dust accumulates on the motor housing, the motor gets very hot. When the motor gets hot, it burns up long before it should.

Before cleaning your fan, be sure to cut the power supply to your fan. These fans spin very fast and can be extremely dangerous, so it is imperative that the power is off. Use a cloth with a mild household cleaner sprayed on it to clean all parts of the fan after removing the vent cover. Be sure to clean the motor, both sides of the fan blades and surrounding encasing. Put the cover back on and restore power.

By doing this simple cleaning once annually you will prolong the life of your fan and ensure that you are not spreading dust around your house when cooling it this summer.