Swing your HVAC into Spring and Summer

At long last, spring is here! The days are brighter and getting warmer. Soon we’ll be turning on the Air Conditioning as we head into summer. Prepare now with a few simple steps.

  • Change the HVAC Filter
  • Turn off the Humidifier:
    • Locate your humidistat.  Your humidistat may be located near your thermostat or mounted at the furnace on the plenum (sheet metal box).
    • Set humidistat to the OFF position.
    • Set bypass damper (if equipped).  You may see the works open/closed, summer/winter, or it may not be labeled at all.  Set damper lever perpendicular to duct to “close” or set to “summer” setting.

You don’t want to wait until that really hot first day of summer to turn on your AC only to find it isn’t working properly or not at all.  Call your HVAC professional now for a maintenance check.  If you’re someone who’s a little more handy, you could prepare your Air Conditioner ahead of time without calling a professional using the steps below.

  • Safety First

    Before working on a central air conditioner, always turn off the power to the condenser at the service panel. The condenser also typically has a 240-volt weatherproof disconnect box located near the unit; this contains a lever, fuses, or a circuit breaker to shut off the condenser. Turn this off, as well.
  • Clean the Air Conditioner Condenser Coils
  • Clean & Clear Debris
  • Check the Coolant Lines
  • Test the Unit

For more detailed instructions on these steps, visit https://www.hometips.com/repair-fix/air-conditioner-prepare-summer.html